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2007-05-06Mixotic 082Length: 79:54

Marvid - Freie Liebe

This is the sound for the open air season. Go out, dance until sunrise, raise your hands, hug some people, fall in love, understand the world, feel yourself...

01-Sarah Goldfarb - Forty Years Ago I Sold My Body
Unfoundsound 023
02-Scout - Long Term (Monoblock Remix)
Archipel 020
03-Polder - Molte F (Kabale und Liebe Rework)
Redevice 004
04-Yin Elek - Hacia Dentro
StirSound 008
05-MattF - Remember
Sauvegard 001
06-Sr.Click - Transmision
Inoquo 027
07-Modul - Function One
No Response 011
08-Pappas - Sugar
Plex Records 008
09-Fusiphorm - Daddy-ohhhh
Unfoundsound 013
10-Sturmfrei - Matratzensport (Mandos Substatic Mix)
Labil 008
11-Dualism - Audio One
Archipel 021
12-Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Luftloch
No Response 008
13-Hermetico - A de antiguo
Inoquo 026
14-Homme D'aimant - Matic
Epsilonlab 024
15-Alec Troniq - Take A Ride
Phonocake 025
16-Tom Teel - Strg
Labil 002
17-Sr.Click - Un dia de furia
Inoquo 027
18-Electrixx - Kick It
Diggarama 005
19-Thor - Blues For A Grey Planet
Stratagem 007

Marvid: Marvid was born in the mid-70’s and grew up in north-eastern germany. Influenced by music from classical over rock to early electronics he found his way into the growing techno scene in the early 90’s. Surrounded by like-minded friends, who began to spin records and organize parties, he became addicted to beat driven sound aesthetics and the feedback that only a dancing crowd can give you. The parties got more and bigger, mix-CDs were spread all over the country and so he became resident in local clubs, supporting international DJs. ... [read on]


2008-03-21Micah Mapes
This is my favorite mix out of all of the one\'s posted. I love your choices and it definitely feels like at least one person understands heaven like I do. Excellent show. I produce a lot of music which you might find favorable to showcase. If interested, email me at mapesfam@yahoo.com.

My name is Micah, I\'m thirty years of age, I\'ve been a drummer since I was very young and began a electronic interest in my teenage years which has only deepened and intensified. I\'d love to hear from you. I know this mix has been on the site for a while, I hope you still check for comments.

Der Hammer!!!

Absoluter Wahnsinn!!!

SWIIING :-) great stuff men ....

2007-06-07deejay dincer
Yesss!!! Digitalism THERAPY ;)

2007-06-06Clerk Hazard
You know the last two words of the description of your set are English slang for 'masturbate'!
Still a nice mix though, even if it does evoke the idea of alfresco autoerotica!

sehr sehr cool!!!



thank you for the labil support :)
we are happy

emotion in sounds of ectasy-nothing is better than that-no one is better than you its lovely,much love x

2007-05-12Cristian Paduraru
Cool groovy construction and passages my friend :-)

ps: Thank you for the mix Martin!! ... and Felix for the release :-)

2007-05-12matt f00
very nice set!! yo pump it up

Yo this mix is good for comming home in th morning. my neightbour dont like it

very nice work;-)

Not only is the set the bomb, the mix itself is a blast too! This mix is most excellent- ganz große Klasse!

2007-05-09Dj Jamms
How can i download free musiq?:D this is the shit right here:D:>:))

Many thanks for downloading and your nice comments! And to Mixotic for releasing me, I appreciate it :)

great stuff! very fine e-music!

Pappas-Sugar... lovit!
Endlich mal auf nem Mix zu hören ;)

2007-05-07J.R. Estrada
wieder mal ein wunderschöner Mix!

Danke Leute ;-))

Thanks for playing!

Big Thanx,

this is so amazing great :)

^^I mean as your live djsets!

Gonna check this tomorrow. Hope it's at least as half as good as your djsets!

sounds great. we love it and dance in the office.

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