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2007-02-26Mixotic 072Length: 72:53

Sascha Müller - The Ambient Fields

With this set Sascha Müller presents productions from his label Pharmacom Records. It's a peaceful mix going from subtle ambient sounds up to beautiful piano melodies, filling your heart with warm emotions.

01-eVADE - Intro
Pharmacom Records 025
02-Roman Olegov - Ultraviolet Planet
Pharmacom Records 011
03-Deep - Maximator (Puredeepversion)
Pharmacom Records 007
04-Sascha Müller - Green Meadow
Pharmacom Records 016x
05-Tofustaggerbush - Lost In Love
Pharmacom Records 026
06-Mr.B - Slip Into Deeply
Pharmacom Records 019
07-F.D. Project - 20 Years Later Coldwater Canyon "Tribute To TD"
Pharmacom Records 018
08-Inzah - Mood
Pharmacom Records 023
09-Sascha Müller - Sahara Nights
Pharmacom Records 014
10-Alectric - Wintery Samba
Pharmacom Records 015
11-Mr.B - Rainy Days
Pharmacom Records 019
12-F.D. Project - Another Place
Pharmacom Records 018

Sascha Müller: Sascha Müller aka Pharmacom started his career with DJing and producing in 1990. He was inspired by projects like Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream and stuff like Sven Väth. His musical style reaches from ambient and chill out to house and techno music in his own special way. For productions he is using old analogue equipment as much as the newest software for digital producing. The greatest thing for him is to create new sound collages and wicked samples for his tracks. As a DJ he played in several European locations and ... [read on]


2007-05-22Mark Trex
Das Pianoteil ist der Oberhammer,das richtige für die Tränendrüse und für die Hochtzeit meines Bruders.Natürlich der Rest auch.Grüzzi

2007-03-20Deep Larson
Wunderschöne Musik zum Relaxen & Träumen.

a dream

great. best sound for an nice evening.

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