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2005-07-11Mixotic 007Length: 64:39

Sven Swift - Music 2 Fall Asleep 2

Sven Swift from the label 12rec.net releases this wonderful calm hour of music. It's a varied mix which is made of drone, ambient and folk music, bridging from avantgarde to popmusic.

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01-Tupolev - Garlic
12rec 017
02-Zavoloka - Nathennia
Nexsound 017
03-Engine Seven - Stella, we're sorry
Ego 009
04-krill.minima - in einem traum den ich einst hatte
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05-Phono°noir - Origami
06-Pokett - Rain On
Sundays in Spring 009
07-Dirge - Loïs
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08-Colours By Numbers - Poetry Of Motion
Autoplate 027
09-The Moglass - Salvia
Nexsound 011
10-Mark Hamn - Sirop de Alucose
Sinewaves 013
11-Marsen Jules - Yara 02
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12-V.O. - Wet, Windy and Cloudy
Sundays in Spring 011

Sven Swift: Juvenile Sven Swift grew up in northern Germany listening to Norwegian black- and Californian death-metal. Being part of the second wave of German hip hop, Swift got addicted to the graffiti in the mid nineties. Long hair was cut down, but rock music still kept a place in his black heart. Together with his school friend Sim Sullen, Swift founded the experimental outlet Majestik12, fusing indie rock, traces of hip hop and electronic music. Their second EP “Catfish Took My Girl” was released on the internet, and this is how ... [read on]


After all those years, it still makes me feel snuggly and warm all over everytime, listening to this timeless wonder. And this time I really have to tell you about it. Thank you for releasing this one into the wild, cold, tame and warm world!

Amazing! Such a great chill mix!
Is the track about snow peas and blue cheese the third track in the mix? The Engine Seven one?
If so, I love it! Awesome poppy/downbeat track!


I am simply in love with this nice mix. Soft, calm, relaxing and surprising. Absolutely love it! THX Sven

HI sven! it is ISAO.
Good mix!!

2005-10-15Sven Swift
hey all,
thanks for the nice comments... maybe some of you like to check out my new mix at www.OP3N.net. these guys need some support!

2005-10-13dj nova rodon fm 95
ur mix is the perfect autumn soundtrack ... the mixture between folk & ambient is so warmness that can refresh the imagination ...
a whiskey please and a big sofa ...
greetings for a warm & lovely winter 2 everyone
ur mix was on the air after the midnight in our radio station ...
serres greece

Thanx for the tip, the link is changed now.


First of all, great Mix!

Perhaps you could change the Label of "Colours By Numbers - Poetry Of Motion" to Autoplate 27, because I didn't find it on the Thinner Website in the first place, and this Song is the best in the Mix.

sweet. i really like this one.

Hm, this is a very crazy mix, with tunes you don't hear every time. Thanks for that collection of wicked raw tunes.

greez zazi

Thank you for this nice mix, Sven. It's quite different from the releases before but has a nice atmosphere and is an intersting new perspective on the netlabel scene.

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