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2007-01-14Mixotic 066Length: 61:17

Entactogen - Voices

For the fifth time on Mixotic Entactogen is mixing a relaxed melting pot of styles to chill you down and touch your heart. Enjoy ambient, folk and indietronic tunes and let this orchestra of emotions play for you.

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02-Philipp Weigl - Monsters
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03-Izmar - G-Brand
Diggarama 011
04-Emil Klotzsch - Geteiltes Sein
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05-Endlos - Es wächst uns über den Kopf
1Bit Wonder 021
06-Frivolous - The Emoticon Don (In Two Movements)
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07-Cyte - What's In The Box?
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08-Arturo En El Barco - Mi Barco
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09-Cubehoge - Men Are Inferior
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10-The Banjo Consorsium - Talk About You
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11-The Uberkids - Boy I'm Not Turning (Red Lines Remix)
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12-Fuga Idearum - Pustoy Vecher
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13-Dava Sobel - Ramsay Sand
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Entactogen: Entactogen is an alter ego of Q-Man. While Q-Man’s main focus is the dancefloor, Entactogen is concentrating on the calm, emotional side of life. His subject are the mellow sounds, in his mixes you can hear ambient, indietronic, lounge and chillout tunes. Sometimes they are softly driftig to liquid drum’n’bass and often you can hear wonderful dreamy vocals in his sets.But no matter what kind of style mix it is, Entactogen is always on a way into your inner emotional core. He’s starting on the surface and building up ... [read on]


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ı am this city many beautiful..

Amazing set - chilling, yet driving. The Emil Klotzsch tune is perfectly placed.

2007-03-02tony reitz
sehr gut!

stumbled upon this mix last night and it was perfect for the evening. thank you!

Absolutely beautiful mix, I love it. Pointed me to a number of great artists I hadn't heard before.

uups, da hab ich mich wohl verschrieben. Ich meinte natürlich entactogen, was jetzt aber natürlich nicht das Lob an cotumo schmälern soll. Ihr seid beide spitze :-D

Fantastic selection, beau-ti-ful. I find Aerotone very worthwile, thank you all.

Sehr chillige Sache. Fein!

Danke für die Blumen flowbyte, aber wie Entactogen schon bemerkte, ist das nicht mein Mix. Kommt aber bald wieder einer hier...

2007-01-24earth monkey
thanks for including cyte on the mix - it's fantastic to be included alongside such brilliant music

love the earth monkey

how good is that! thanks for the softly way of chilling me down.

2007-01-16Dave Clements
Great Mix and the last track by Dava Sobel rounds it off perfectly.

@flowbyte: Oh, danke für den Hinweis, da mag die Datenbank den Umlaut nicht.

Und hast zwar recht, dass Cotumos Mixe super sind, aber mit dem hier hat er ausnahmsweise nix zu tun, der ist von mir. :)

ganz nach meinem Geschmack :-) Cotumos mix sind immer was besonderes.
Bei Track 5 müßt ihr noch mal den titel editieren, das soll wohl " es waechst uns ueber den kopf" heißen.

Sven (warp-x.com/radiio)

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