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2006-08-06Mixotic 046Length: 54:10

DJ Kirill Sergeew - Modern Classiques Vol.2

DJ Kirill Sergeew created a mix of Russian underground music. It covers a great range of styles with funk, indie, drum'n'bass and house tracks, but together they're spreading a very unique, laid back atmosphere.

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01-DJ Kirill Sergeew - Intro
02-Ananas Band - Sex Crime
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03-Icebound - Feelin' Of Funk
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04-Zyz Ruffen - NuJazz
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05-Sooperskalar Band - Ae Wrote A Letter To Me
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06-KX - Businesslessness Is Nervouslessness
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DJ Kirill Sergeew: DJ Kirill Sergeew was born in 1985, St. Petersburg, Russia. In his childhood his parents sent him to take classical piano classes, but while growing up he became more and more interested in other kinds of music and taught himself to play the guitar. After playing in bands influenced by Sonic Youth, Jesus and Mary Chain he started to write music using electronic instruments.While playing in the Band Uniquetunes he worked on his own material using the style of DJ-cutting influenced by DJ Shadow, Dj Vadim, Coldcut and Mr.Scruff. Summer ... [read on]


2009-06-17Miss Laan
Fantastic album I love it!!! Lets party it's great!!!!

Greetings from the Netherlands.

Ola.......im from slovak republic.......and i thing this styles and this site.....is the best of the world..........thanks for this mix......

2007-06-15Antimatter Men
Hey, love the last track by Muisha!

2006-12-19dj nova rodon fm95/greece
yes yes i love it
i like the mix been build
sex crime my gave track and i like the deep tracks @ the end ... soon on the greek airwaves


I love it

a hell of a laid back atmosphere. i love it

2006-08-20DJ Kirill Sergeew
Thanks for good words. Info about me can be find here http://myspace.com/djkirillsergeew

An excellent and interesting mix. Thank you.

wil see

thanks for the free mix!

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