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2006-01-15Mixotic 025Length: 80:00

Entactogen - A Story About Love

Entactogen is the specialist for deep emotions. In his second Zerinnerung Mix he is mixing Lounge, Indietronic and Electro Pop. But what are words about styles when you can listen to this one big feeling... love!

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02-Bliss - You Have Something In Your Scowl
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03-Naïfloop - Dancing
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04-Bobby Baby - Later
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08-The Lost Weekends - Girls Of The Summer
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09-The Destruction Of Birds - From Afar (Photophob Reconstruction)
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10-Sudaka - I Want You
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11-Me Shell Resounds - I'm Breathing Happiness
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12-Izmar - Walking
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13-Dubsy Asylum - Something For The Oldies
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15-The Technoillogical Myopia - Letter
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16-Mosca - Vertical Hold
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17-The Sunshine Family - Heavenly Creatures
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18-FusedMARc - WTLGD (Digitonal Slumber Mix)
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19-Phour Trakk - Outro
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Entactogen: Entactogen is an alter ego of Q-Man. While Q-Man’s main focus is the dancefloor, Entactogen is concentrating on the calm, emotional side of life. His subject are the mellow sounds, in his mixes you can hear ambient, indietronic, lounge and chillout tunes. Sometimes they are softly driftig to liquid drum’n’bass and often you can hear wonderful dreamy vocals in his sets.But no matter what kind of style mix it is, Entactogen is always on a way into your inner emotional core. He’s starting on the surface and building up ... [read on]


very good set! zajebisty secik!

so fucking nice man.. i've journeyed a few times on this mix and it was fkn awesome every time :D

@Phil: Ich wünsch dir eine zauberhafte Zeit mit deiner Flamme. :)

sehr schön ... vor allem wenn man gerade verliebt ist ... =)

Counting also Heiderich's mix, the best in zerinnerung/mixotic.


love the playlist,specialy sudaka.my faorite artist

nice track selection, full of emotions, love, feelings
guys I have a quastion maybe some of you can help me: how I can cut this set for 19 tracks, plz contact me on icq 307-189-163

thanks to include my track in your story about love .Is a excellente compilation. i like so munch the others tracks
stay in contac with miga maybe be can work toghetther.

erstklassiges mix.
wirklich irre gut. genau sowas hat zerinnerung noch gefehlt. großartig

2006-01-26dj nova rodon fm 95
excellent ... i will broadcasting on greek radiowaves as soon as i can ...

"besides that... it is RetEU010 ... retropublik offers EU and US releases which are totally different in numbers"


i'm downl it right now and can't wait to hear it

2006-01-19Phour Trakk
Danke, dass ihr nen Track von mir mit reingenommen habt! :-)

Ooops, thanks for the hint. All negative Karma must have gone to this playlist entry. :) I corrected it.

besides that... it is RetEU010 ... retropublik offers EU and US releases which are totally different in numbers

ummm. Retropublic 010 should be retropublik 010 and the link is pointing broken to retropublik.co should be .com

plus mosca's track is "vertical hold" ... not only "ertical Hold"

2006-01-17Travis Nobles
wow! this one really caught my attention. GREAT track selection, a very emotional and moody journey. Entactogen has found all the best electronic indiepop out there...

2006-01-16Joel Merrick
Absolutely top notch! Lovely to sit down, chill or debone to.

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