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2022-09-12Mixotic 300Length: 75:37

Mixotic Allstars - The Final Curtain

This is the last one! The great final is mixed by 14 well known Mixotic artists who contributed mind blowing sets during Mixotic's journey through the last 17 years. For this set every DJ selected one track that is special to him. Thanks to all artists for 300 sets full of emotion, drive, spirit and happiness, this music is here to stay! Thanks to all listeners for millions of downloads and streams, you rock!

01-Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Luftloch
No Response 008 - mixed in by Q-Man
02-Eloi Brunelle - Oberkampf
Thinner 042 - mixed in by Marv Lawaai
03-Martin Donath - Laissez Aller!
Stadtgruen 003 - mixed in by Tom Larson
04-Vandelklang & Joed Kleem - A Fresh Start
Monofonicos 003 - mixed in by DJ Yámana
05-Marko Landmann, Jens Hubert, Lars Bordeaux - 4 mal Dub (BC Bonus)
Diametral 016 - mixed in by Lo
06-Pagalve - Amino
Knob 004 - mixed in by DJ L'embrouille
07-Spintribe - Zephyr (LAVR Remix)
Digital Diamonds 073 - mixed in by Skeres
08-W-litio - No Soy De Aquí
Soisloscerdos 067 - mixed in by Carlos Villagómez
09-Crennwiick - Zero 4 (2021 Remix)
Digital Diamonds 085 - mixed in by Eljot
10-Smooth - Ethereous Journey
Cyan 063 - mixed in by Mil?o
11-Andres Marcos - Lazy Fingers (Le Jockeys Garage Wonk Out)
Bleepsequence 003 - mixed in by Basskaya
12-Alic - What is
Digital Diamonds 032 - mixed in by Wout
13-Xpire - Consequence
Cold Fiction 094 - mixed in by Substak
14-Benfay - Allein unter den Arkaden
Thinner 054 - mixed in by Entactogen

Q-Man: Q-Man (aka Entactogen) was born in 1978 and grew up in the small town of Klingenthal. There was ... [read on]

Tom Larson: Tom was born on October 24, 1979 in Sonneberg. At the age of 16 he discovered his love for ... [read on]

Entactogen: Entactogen is an alter ego of Q-Man. While Q-Man’s main focus is the dancefloor, Entactogen is concentrating on ... [read on]

DJ L'embrouille: L'embrouille, a French DJ (Digital Jockey), is mixing since 2004. He's really devoted to the netlabel scene and plays ... [read on]

Lo: Lo is a DJ /producer living in Reunion island. He loves eclectic musical culture. In the 80s he started ... [read on]

Wout: Wout was born in 1982 in Maastricht. He started to create mixes at home when he was 20. His ... [read on]

Marv Lawaai: Marv Lawaai was born in 1992 and grew up in the small town of Kleve. To celebrate techno and ... [read on]

Basskaya: Basskaya was born in 1979 and spent the first 20 years of his life in northern Germany. After finishing ... [read on]

Skeres: Skeres was born in Dortmund (Germany). From 2000 he produced his own tracks together with a friend and published ... [read on]

Carlos Villagómez: Carlos Villagómez was born in Mexico City in summer 1978. He started experimenting with electronic music in 1999. During ... [read on]

Substak: Substak (aka Kostas Staikos) has been following and enjoying the dance scene in Greece for a number of years ... [read on]

DJ Yámana: DJ Yámana (pronounced 'sha-mana') was born in 1970. His ordinary life changed quite dramatically at the age of fifteen ... [read on]


2023-06-10eljot aka ele jota
so proud being part of that ... I've now been including all the mixes into my webstream on youtube.com/@el_jot and twitch.tv/el_jot

Thanks for letting me be a part of Mixotic O/

2022-09-13DJ Lembrouille
Thank you mate for your good work during these 17 years! And thank you to everyone involved here. Happy to have participated in the 100, 200 & 300. The end of an era!!

Thank you all for this wonderful time!

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