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2010-11-24Mixotic 228Length: 79:24

DJ L'embrouille - Ti-Punch Session

Old fellow DJ L'embrouille mixed something you might not have expected from him: A set of pure house music! The beats are pumping, the groove makes you move, just dance!

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01-Itrema - Darlin' You're So Sweet
ADR Promo
02-Soul Clap - Bobby
Airdrop 002
03-Kriss Sach - Mug
Idm Forums 009
04-Dario Acosta - Progresos (Original Mix)
Mini-Hard 003
05-Andres Marcos - 38c (Le Jockeys Shuffle)
Bleep Sequence 003
06-Adrian Garza 4 Potatoes - Original Mix
Sleep Is Commercial 007
07-Dich - Un Poco Loco (Urss Zelva Remix)
Sweet Noise 002
08-Matteo Spedicati - Homeless
Sleep Is Commercial 006
09-Sofa Tunes - Need U
Schallgut 001
10-Lucianno V - Miraccles (Martin Bellomo Remix)
Unfoundsound 050
11-Hyricz - Red Jarri (Damolh33 Remix)
Melodica 007
12-Monsters At Work - Ed's Crazy World (Pupo Pantskhava Remix)
Solidalab 014
13-Thega & Paolet - Shimiriweke (Teruel Remix)
Kreativa 009
14-Lucianno V - Life Some Rain
Unfoundsound 050
15-Terrik Mode - Hold On
Vekton 018
16-Steven Cock - Ten And Ten
Vekton 020
17-Alberto Santizzo - Groovielaugh
Unfoundsound 051
18-Hakan Lidbo - Zuzuvela (Hakan Ludvigson Remix)
self released
19-Mild Bang - One Million (Carlos Laporta aka Low Deep Remix)
Kreativa 013
20-Tosol - Funk And Fly
Auflegware 039
21-Sven Laux - The Coffee Boy (Vocal Matador Remix)
Alt 009
22-V.Rotz - Motion
Abstrakt 001
23-Ed.Arcade - The Real Blooper
Spontan 017
24-Jorge C. - Balada
Redevice 011
25-Soul Clap - The Definition (Chopstick & Till Von Sein Turkey Thien Version)
Airdrop 001
26-Shigo Possible feat. Maluni - Beat
Gargan 050
27-Craig Pringle - Get Up (Deep Blast And Ricco Rizzo Remix)
Prozent 018Rmx
28-Guy Le Sao - Drum Box (Funkenstroem Remix)
Symbiont 022
29-Mala - Loose Tight
Monofonicos 005
30-Lee Fraged - Skunk Ghost (Pseudoacid Mix)
This Side 007
31-Eavesdrop - Cepp (Louis Louis Remix)
Schwarzweiss 005
32-Funkzelle - Dayday (Coney Island Remix)
Clear Cut 029

DJ L'embrouille: L'embrouille, a French DJ (Digital Jockey), is mixing since 2004. He's really devoted to the netlabel scene and plays only free stuff. He already released many sets in various DJ netlabels such as Mixotic, Sonic Walker, Op3n, Midnight, Deep In Dub, Polymorphic, but also in DJ section of various netlabels like Zimmer, Pentagonik, Pinksilver, Avionix, Offaudio, Foem, Echosuro, Stir Sound and more.Some are only released on his own "Melenick Session" platform. "Melenick Session" is also the name of his weekly radio show where he plays only fresh netlabel stuff broadcasted ... [read on]


oke maskasihya

Oh, no! Pure house music? Which house you means, Q-Man? Techy Handbag House?

I remember the Christmas Mix of Vega & The Autist from 2004 (http://www.archive.org/details/eps11), which works better for me than this... ;)

very impressive and danceable! delight my movement from work several times :-). thanks, L'embrouille

All hail the great Dj L'embrouille!
This is the stuff which brought me to Mixotic, not simply a "list of tracks", but a apparent usage of DJ techniques/skills. Everyone has there own tastes, but damned if this isn't one fine set!

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