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2010-07-17Mixotic 218Length: 58:24

Minimism - Dubspace Reversed

Here is the third volume of Minimism's chilled "Dubspace" series. He invites you to dream yourself away... just lay down in the meadow, look to the sky and let your soul fly.

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Minimism: Minimism (Jordi Torres) was born in 1982 in Barcelona. When he was 16 years old he started to explore the undeground electronic scene of the city. His first contact with new tendencies of electronic music was at the Sonar Festival in 1998. Fascinated by these movement in 1999 he decided to create his own music and started his career as a DJ.His first performance was at the International Music Festival called Faraday, combining delicious clicks'n'cuts style with hypnotic atmospheres. As DJ Minimism he plays in many places: Rey de Copas ... [read on]


2017-03-05Nagaroth 84

2012-11-22Ravindra tyler
~Something new from Minimism please.. seriously good mixes . I find myself listening to his mixes most of the time...very good

Wow... This really DOES shift me, and makes me ponder about the irrelevant insignificance of daily human babble. This mix sure has a tale of its own to tell which should definitely be listened to. This is THE SOUND 4 the soul.

I could be angry about having found mixotic just a week or so ago. Really, what the heck, started in 2005, and if it\'s worth anything I am way past my internet veteran badge.

I\'ll be redundant after joshua dropped it here, but your mixes ? this one and the other two ? yeah, they are fucking incredible indeed, by far and large the best music actually following me on my computer and cellphone. And boy do I listen to lots and manifold shades of it.

hey. i listen to a lot of mixotic and netlabel stuff. i wouldnt say this unless i really thought it to be necessary, but this mix (this one) is the best fucking mixotic mix i have ever heard. u beat tom larson's best, no offense to him. dont let us down mate, keep it up ;)

Oh my..This is just amazing..what a beautiful mix.. just decided to visit Lake District.. sure i will take this mix for the wonderful walk. Metta loving kindness to all

2010-08-27Tom Larson
Amazing Set !!

Greetz Tom.:-)

Superb job!

bonito sueño :-)

2010-07-26dj eznik
chilling loops and sounds.......very good.....

buen trabajo,muy profundo.

2010-07-23infinite panther
feel like home here...

Very nice experience, a good travel around dub universe

I luv ur mix, Minimism, I always have, from the beginning 2 the end, even when it existed before it existed, I wouldn't trade it for every soul on the planet.

2010-07-20Ilya G
Sounds good !

Cool, one of the best mixes, thanks :D

2010-07-19load and clear
thanks for the support !


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