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2009-05-03Mixotic 170Length: 69:27

Cuetec - Dynamite Breaks

After his two deep "Nachtmusik" sets on Mixotic Cuetec releases a completely different style. This mix is one of those rare netaudio drum & bass sets, a brilliant combination of brute drum force and wonderful harmonies, vocals and chords.

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Cuetec: Cuetec was 10 years old when he started listening to electronic music in 1996. He liked Paul van Dyk and was really enthused of that advanced stuff. Later he was also infected with drum'n'bass and deep house tunes. Metro Area, Ian Pooley, Dj Marky, Dj Metro, D. Kay and many more, are still future and past heroes for him. Now he's the co-founder of kubismrecords and part of the brand new kultusmag, where he's focussing on new talent promotion.


Ich schließe mich hier allen Vorrednern an. endlich mal ein bisschen DNB obwohl der MiX eher in die JungleRichtung zählt. (meine Meinung)!! Nun Gut! Leider, und hier kommt dicke Kritik, hast du bei schon ca dem 1ten3tel irgendwie den Faden verloren und der Mix wirkt unstimmig. Aber. mit groovigen VorspulRythmen kommts irgendwann wieder. Vielleicht liegt es an der Konzentration! Jedenfalls, DANKE. MixoTic sollte mal nen Preis veranschlagen. du wärst sicher ganz oben!


This was awesome! Please, please, more drum and bass! It's such a refreshing change from the endless dub techno!

2009-05-06Hermann Hesse
Mmm, another soul for Steppenwolf, thankyou Cuetec and Mixotic . . . thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.

2009-05-05Tom Larson
Na das ist doch mal was komplett anderes.
Sehr schöne Musik.
Great Work my Friend.;)


great mix!!!!
this site needs more stuff like that....!!!

Oh yes, this is some smooth shit!!! The variety in this mix is pretty good; a little dark, happy, atmospheric, progressive, technical, etc... all in 1 set. Quality tracks considering netlable circumstances ;) Electronic music is the only music, great stuff!

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