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2013-09-04Mixotic 264Length: 60:00

DJ Yámana - Deep Experience

Don't get fooled by the name of this set! DJ Yámana serves a twisted mix with tracks of the great Digital Diamonds netlabel... this is raving!

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01-Frechbax - Knabaustelmann
Digital Diamonds 022
02-Kalumet - Elephant And Castle
Digital Diamonds 015L
03-Max Pollyul - Concentrate (ADHD Mammal Footwork Remix)
Digital Diamonds 017
04-Point - Ratustel
Digital Diamonds 023L
05-Kemonoid - Afraid Of Daylight
Digital Diamonds 023L
06-Knifestyle - Somnia
Digital Diamonds 015L
07-FM Radio Gods - Atom Bells (October Rust Remix)
Digital Diamonds 008
08-Point - Light In The Sky
Digital Diamonds 027L
09-Opsy - Reactor 4 (Eric Brandy Remix)
Digital Diamonds 015L
10-Thompson & Kuhl - Heiße Luft
Digital Diamonds 008

DJ Yámana: DJ Yámana (pronounced 'sha-mana') was born in 1970. His ordinary life changed quite dramatically at the age of fifteen when he got two turntables. He started mixing his favorite songs again and again. About a year later he won a competition in his former hometown.In the second half of the eighties he started working in a club discotheque with the usual mishmash of styles, which were not satisfying him at all. He was looking for more progressive tunes, which were not easy to find in these times. Sometimes it took ... [read on]


2023-06-10eljot aka ele jota
cant believe that this still sounds so fresh almost 10 years after its realease ... had to include it into my webstream on twitch and youtube (el_jot)

Awesome work! High quality selection!

Beautiful selection of music big-up, hola!

Thank you a lot Mixotic team and Yamana for bringing us beautiful music . With metta kindness to all. Have high hopes for this.

A Sri lankan Living in London

Nice tracks

habs mir zuerst so 20 Minuten angehört, ich muss wirklich sagen eine gelungene Komposition die nie langweilig wird, viele verschiedene tiefgründige Themen aufgreift und so mancher Lusteffekt erzeugt - ein Meisterwerk

Funktioniert! Meine Gliedmaßen zucken. :-)

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