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2007-08-26Mixotic 098Length: 42:10

DJ Kirill Sergeew - Backyards

This is a dreamy journey through a wonderful collection of fragile moments of incredible beauty. Piano chords meet plucked string instruments, hushed vocals glance at electronic sounds in an atmosphere of deep peace and calmness.

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DJ Kirill Sergeew: DJ Kirill Sergeew was born in 1985, St. Petersburg, Russia. In his childhood his parents sent him to take classical piano classes, but while growing up he became more and more interested in other kinds of music and taught himself to play the guitar. After playing in bands influenced by Sonic Youth, Jesus and Mary Chain he started to write music using electronic instruments.While playing in the Band Uniquetunes he worked on his own material using the style of DJ-cutting influenced by DJ Shadow, Dj Vadim, Coldcut and Mr.Scruff. Summer ... [read on]


hello Kirill
i came across your work by accident. it is the best i have come across since a long time.
such rich mixture pulled from classic, vocals, minimal.... as varied as life is.
finally ''electronic'' with a soul.
thanks, and thanks again.
i hope i get to see you playing live somewhere.
julien . london

Очень и очень хорошо сделано. Браво !

thankssssssssss foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

very gooooddd!!! excelent

kirill rocks!!!!!!!!!!

2007-09-10charming russian
kirusha, solntce. molodets!

2007-09-05hills go 400
real smiles

2007-08-31Dirty Cover

2007-08-26sven swift
n-n-nice one, kirill! thanks for the support

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