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2010-07-26Mixotic 219Length: 79:57

DJ L'embrouille - The 61st Dimension

61 tracks in 80 minutes, this can only be one guy: Old fellow DJ L'embrouille! His set is starting housy, but is soon gaining speed and energy just to end up in a big explosion. Further a secret is disclosed today: DJ L'embrouille is the "weird looking extraterrestrial" who mixed the legendary Mixotic 200, a 9-hour-set made of 200 tracks!

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01-Igor - Climatic Part 2
Kosmo 063
02-Keinzweiter - Holotrope Gateway
Unoiki 0710
03-Adriano - Olymper (Storlon Remix)
Bleepsequence 006
04-Seq - Elevate Kript
Miniatura 044
05-Tektight - Safer (Cambala Che Remix)
Cocoroco 006
06-Laroyale - Beep Mac 1987
Ruter 003
07-Homme Studio - Go Funk The Rabbit (Granlab RMX)
Broque 064
08-Sina M. Solouk - Mission To Mars
Utch 001
09-Dessben - GranCasino
Offaudio 068
10-A. Fabul - Audio Bounce (Bioflavanoid Edit)
Gargan 045
11-Anomaly - Dead Nigger Storage (BMF Ghetto Mix)
Deeptech 001
12-Dadive - Remember To Take Enough Vitamines
Schaermoments 004
13-Hermetico - Espejos
Inoquo 054
14-YetTken - Influences
Sound And Motion 002
15-Tom SPL - Scorpion Walking (Rua - FX Remix)
Audioexit 036
16-Dessben - Proyecto Langosta
Offaudio 068
17-Pablo Makka & Son Of A Beat - Fly Away
Ruter 005
18-Randy Mihajlovic - Kompakta
Etmin 002
19-Mr. Mau - Body Thetans (P.E.A.R.L Remix)
Return 005F
20-Dessben - En-Antena
Inoquo 053
21-Tektight - 2 Days To 2 hours
Cocoroco 006
22-Albert Crombie - Boomah
Pastedfuture 011
23-Terrik Mode - Oh Hat
Vekton 018
24-Hermetico - Bus
Inoquo 052
25-Devilfish & Hiroshi Oki - This Is Techno
Utch 001
26-Monokao - Bob Y Charlotte
Offaudio 066
27-ZZX - Plasma Nights
Ear 061
28-Animatek - Patience
Miga 037
29-Tom SPL - Scorpion Walking
Audioexit 036
30-Pagalve - Docks Live Version
Knobs 011
31-Mr. Mau - Lost (Extrakt Remix)
Return 005F
32-Anakord - City Lights
Miga 037
33-Drugstore - Eden
Audioexit 035
34-Allendes - Arzobispo
Utch 001
35-Carara - Morninglight
Zimmer 051
36-Jemset - Rush
Dobox 053
37-Plan-E - Slow Motion
Zimmer 056
38-Prkl - Tuntematon C
Kellerloch 014
39-Gabeen - Afterhour
Zimmer 053
40-Drugstore - Black Widow
Audioexit 035
41-Prkl - Tuntematon B
Kellerloch 014
42-Mr. Mau - Body Thetans
Return 005F
43-Christian Mohr - Ente Süß Sauer (Pasquale Maassen RMX V2)
Zimmer 055
44-Lady Blacktronika - Y Seeng
Dobox 054
45-Pucet - Hammer
Antiritmo 043
46-BitShift - Controlled Failure
Digital Diamonds 015
47-Gunjack - Forgotten
Utch 001
48-Doryk - Black Sheep
Zimmer 054
49-Deadly Venomz - Mars
Dobox 055
50-Christian Mohr - Polterabend
Zimmer 052
51-Keckclip - NHT 003
Dobox 052
52-Christian Mohr - Chloronose (Pasquale Maassen RMX V3)
Zimmer 055
53-Invexis - Circulator
Utch 001
54-Prkl - Tuntematon A
Kellerloch 014
55-Qorser - Callisto
Dobox 051
56-Energun - Made In
Zimmer 057
57-Psycoded - What The Bleep
Bleepsequence 001
58-Christian Mohr - Polterabend (Pasquale Maassen RMX V3)
Zimmer 055
59-Drugstore - Brutality
Atar-Tau 001
60-Koh1 - A
61-Bran Lanen - Extinction
Zimmer 058

DJ L'embrouille: L'embrouille, a French DJ (Digital Jockey), is mixing since 2004. He's really devoted to the netlabel scene and plays only free stuff. He already released many sets in various DJ netlabels such as Mixotic, Sonic Walker, Op3n, Midnight, Deep In Dub, Polymorphic, but also in DJ section of various netlabels like Zimmer, Pentagonik, Pinksilver, Avionix, Offaudio, Foem, Echosuro, Stir Sound and more.Some are only released on his own "Melenick Session" platform. "Melenick Session" is also the name of his weekly radio show where he plays only fresh netlabel stuff broadcasted ... [read on]


... a kind of metal at the end

encore un clown qui peut dire merci a mon ordinateur !
grase a toi j'arrive a + ou - mixer

...One of today's best deejay, always ready to surprise us with something new and not yet listened...

2010-07-29Shaun Holley
Yet again, I think this is better than a lot of big-name DJ mixes out there. Awesome!

hehe , great technoid stuff !!

Wow, no wonder long time no hear! Set #200, was definitely a beast so more kudos on that!... This set is also phenomenal, it's a wonder you still crank out quality sets, I really liked your style from the zerrinerug (don't know the proper spelling) days.
Great job, & keep it up

Amazing set dude! It's unbeliveable, 61 tracks in 80 minutes!! O_o

Thanks for this stuff and for include our music in it :-)

sick sick mix i love it

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