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2010-04-11Mixotic 209Length: 79:55

Proeff - Just Another Netaudiomix

Proeff is a DJ from Berlin and this is his third Mixotic release. He combines driving minimal beats with spherical sound sculptures, just let yourself fall into his world!

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Proeff: Proeff means proliferation effect. The proliferation effect refers to the way that whatever action we did before we will tend to repeat again and again. It will become a habit. So if you listen to electronic music more than once in your life you will never stop listening again. The idea to push the addiction on amazing sound sculputures started 2001 in Berlin. Since then Proeff has played music on several areas like Golden Gate, RAW, VCF, ACUD, Stereo33, Morlox and PHB Club to mention a few. His personal highlight ... [read on]


Spec. Ta.

thx for all your great reply´s...

still proud when you love it

2010-04-27diego v
its amazinbd

2010-04-18THX 1138
Great Stuff!!
My Headphone is pumping in my Ear :-]

2010-04-17Jerry Springer
Your mixing skills are fucking superbly EXCELLENT!!! (Some of the best on Mixotic!)

Dit Set is janz schön nice jemacht !!!
Mach weiter so !!! Top Ding man !!!

is verrrryyyyyyyyy niceee ;)

haha. sehr unfoundsound-lastig!
sehr schön!

This mix is rocking!!! Containing some of the best netlabel music circa 2004/2005! I specifically enjoyed the mashup and transition into the track Strange Suggestion (trk. 9)! Excellent job, Great sound

Super Set! Macht Lust auf mehr :)
Keep on mixing... proliferation of making that music ;)

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