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2007-09-16Mixotic 101Length: 76:52

Sven Swift - Terrain To Roam

Sven Swift is the maker of the label 12rec. His mix is like a colourful salad bowl filled with fresh music pieces of different styles. He's starting with some nice uptempo vocal songs, but later he's bringing it down to really relaxed chillout tracks.

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Sven Swift: Juvenile Sven Swift grew up in northern Germany listening to Norwegian black- and Californian death-metal. Being part of the second wave of German hip hop, Swift got addicted to the graffiti in the mid nineties. Long hair was cut down, but rock music still kept a place in his black heart. Together with his school friend Sim Sullen, Swift founded the experimental outlet Majestik12, fusing indie rock, traces of hip hop and electronic music. Their second EP “Catfish Took My Girl” was released on the internet, and this is how ... [read on]


2010-07-14Luxus Mars II
I like it!


The first 4 Trax are GREAT! The heart of this mix could be more groovy. Sometimes it gets difficult to follow the set...
But all in all a good and surprising mix!

beautiful musical pic, good job

very nice. Smoove and fluent.
I have just posted it on My Blog

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