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2015-07-28Mixotic 281Length: 59:59

EE7A - Schadenfreude

This is techno! Close your eyes, turn up the volume and find yourself in a warehouse full of stroboscopes!

01-Andreas Florin - Anxious (Steve Pain Remix)
Zimmer 110
02-Rabitza - Shitting Machines
Russian Techno 026
03-Altechmist - Erroneous Connection
Cicuta 035
04-Drugstore - Hope (John Massey Remix)
Bleepsequence 017
05-Brandon Plank - The Architect
Depth 007
06-Daana - Little Animals (Digital Committee Remix)
Digital Diamonds 037
07-Himmelkompass - Golfstrom (Trylon Remix)
Digital Diamonds 030L
08-Drugstore - Lacandonia
Coda 013
09-Trilingo - Kalix
Digital Diamonds 040L
10-Simmetune - Endless Moments
Digital Diamonds 040L
11-Trilingo - Splease
Digital Diamonds 033
12-Trilingo & Cosimo - Higher
Digital Diamonds 033
13-Backslash Zero & OhmikRon - Sketch 006
Audio Exit 078
14-Trilingo - Mateo
Digital Diamonds 033
15-Nico Grubert - Echoes
Broque 101 *
16-Johnny Peinlich - WTF
Kreislauf 052
17-Mr. Dee - Evil Angel (MilKos Remix)
DeepX 340
18-Peter Clamat - Dammn Facebook API Connect Doesn't Work
Auflegware 042

EE7A: Having come of age immersed in growing underground rave scene in Southern California during the late 90's, EE7A has been involved with many different facets of electronic music culture for the last 15 years and counting. Initially mixing records on wax before the advent of the modern digital laptop DJ, he transitioned into the role of producer shortly before the turn of the century. This was followed by a small break due to lack of time as result of the responsibilities required of being a new father, and although the ... [read on]


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