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2015-03-09Mixotic 279Length: 67:13

Basskaya - I Am Not Pop

Basskaya is telling the story of a hypnotic night in the language of electro-house beats. And no, this is not pop!

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Basskaya: Basskaya was born in 1979 and spent the first 20 years of his life in northern Germany. After finishing school he moved to Denmark, where he has decided to stay.He started playing around with two crappy turntables in fall 1997 and since then never looked back. Together with a fellow DJ and friend he played a lot of gigs in northern Germany. In Denmark he played in Copenhagen and Odense as well. Back in the days relying almost solely on Drum & Bass from vinyl he later discovered his taste ... [read on]


i want this

This set is brilliant! I like the way the tensions rises and the played tracks are really great. Gonna start dancing in the apartment and preparing my lunch :-) Thanks Basskaya and thanks Mixotic!

Nice one :)

Brilliant music selection, build up... excellent transitions and totally my style! This is my favourite mix from now on. Thanks well done! :D

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