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2008-01-20Mixotic 117Length: 72:54

Pan-K's - Because It's Winter

Pan K's put all the emotions he's assotiating with winter into this mix: An early morning when you look on a snowy town. Your routine day is running, but then you go out in the evening, take a long drag of a cigarette, breathe out the warm air and go to the party dissolving yourself in sounds of techno and house... (cover foto by Ola Virich)

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Pan K's: Pan-K's was born in Krasnodar/Russia in 1988. He evinced his love to music in early age and started to collect old vinyls of 60's-70's bands, preferring British art-rock, German kraut and the very first punk music. In the age of 14 he decided to be engaged in music seriously and started to play drums. Acting in many bands, now he plays in MissAnn team, working out indie-rock, post-punk and indietronic music. From 2004 Pan-K's payed attention to electronic music and such genres as techno, IDM, ambient. Inspired by minimal techno, ... [read on]


Поздравляю, отличный минималеззз)))

Привет, земля))) Вот это приятная неожиданность))) Красава))) Я тож из Краснодара))) Щас стяну твой сет, заценю, отпишусь)))

Only summer associations! Nice one, especially the mid part.

2008-02-07Paul Appelt
Great Atomsphere. Just stood on my houses\' patio, looking at the stars and drifting in another dimension ;)

very cool interpretation of winter ;)

spoko secik

2008-01-27Deep Larson
Nice Music & Mix.

Track 2 is my favourite!!

Thanxx to the DJ.:-)

i like!

you could do what you want to do. but what the state wants foris more important...etc.


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