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2007-11-25Mixotic 111Length: 58:03

DJ KX - 3pbeats Promo Mix

DJ KX is a buddy of Kirill Sergeew from Russia. In this set he presents released and upcoming tracks from the Russian downtempo label 3pbeats. His journey takes him through relaxed downbeat, nu jazz, triphop and hiphop tracks, ideal for an extended winter chillout in front of a crackling chimney.

01-Cyberworm - It Is Dangerous
3pbeats forthcoming
02-Half Dub Theory - Hold My Breath
3pbeats forthcoming
03-Rumble D.P. - Wasteland
3pbeats 3P_LP003
04-Kontext - To Empty Your Memory
3pbeats 3P_LP001
05-ET_ - An Orchestra Behind My Window
3pbeats 3P_LP002
06-Uniquetunes feat. Nephilim Muse - The Battered Soldier Complex (Stereobastard Mix)
3pbeats forthcoming
07-Murshroot - Lunnar Sonate Theme
3pbeats forthcoming
08-Maksimm - Radiosity
3pbeats "Extreme Laying" Compilation
09-Jukie - Polymono
3pbeats "Extreme Laying" Compilation
10-Monophonic - Cosmic Trip
3pbeats 3P_EP003
11-ZyZ // Ruffen feat. Lisa Matheus - Rain
3pbeats forthcoming
12-KX - Stringy
3pbeats forthcoming
13-KX - Left Handed Drummer
3pbeats forthcoming
14-KX - Good News Are Trancey
3pbeats forthcoming
15-ZyZ // Ruffen - In Tr. Mission
3pbeats forthcoming
16-Rumble D.P. - Eternal Sunshine Theme
3pbeats 3P_LP003

DJ KX: DJ KX started his artistic life as a DJ/producer of downtempo, nu jazz and trip-hop tunes in 2004 in a small Siberian town called Tomsk. In 2005 he became a resident of the Chillout Zone at the "Wet Luck" international drum’n’bass open-air festival in Altay. Since then he started participating in many Siberian events, presenting his taste as a DJ and live act.In autumn 2005 he moved to Saint-Petersburg where he improved his creativity and promotion skills by cooperating with artists like Uniquetunes, Half Dub Theory, Kontext and Zyz // ... [read on]


Great staff

интересный микс 6ро +) продолжай в том же духе,ждем нового !!!

2011-01-27axel garciafka
very cinematic and very satisfying without complacency...a little classic in its own right, and merit....

2010-02-13DJ KX
Thank you all, guys.
It was really nice to hear your feed back.
There are new stuff to follow.
Hope it's gonna be published here also.
Nevertheless check out www.3pbeats.de

I love this Set!!

soy de México y aveces si es decepcionante ver como miles siguen el top hit blah blah, pero siempre es emocionante encontrar alguien con diferentes gustos...a mi me enamora jajaja que bien!!

mein lieber KX. Es gibt hier auf dieser Plattform nur wenige Mixe welche man sich länger und öfter anhören kann. Deiner ist, ungelogen, das Teil was wirkliche MixingTechnik und Kongruenz vereint. Diesen Mix liebe ich und höre Ihn ohne das mir langweilig wird öfters! die HipHopStelle. hAMMER ( Hast du schonmal in der U-Bahn so mit dem Kopf gewippt?) Die Klassik: Passend! (Schonmal auf ner längeren Strecke nur auf diese Stelle gewartet)....

mein Lieber. Du kannst in deinem nächsten (so hoffe ich) diesen Mix nicht Toppen!!!


excelente.... erik, lástima que no este tan de acuerdo contigo, ya que desafortunadamente en México la música con calidad al difundirla y comercializarla, se torna choteada y popular, quemandola a más no poder y hechando a perder el contexto de la escencia del estilo, tu lo has dicho...reggaeton....ese es un clarisimo ejemplo.

2009-03-10erik navarrte
me gustaria que se le diera mas difucion a este tipode musica ya que en mi pais no se escucha de manera comercial y eso empobrece la cultura de la musica altenativa en mexico en don de no salen del maldito reggaeton

from el salvador w/love

sehr geil! einer meiner Lieblingsmixe! Schließ ich mich mal den anderen an und sag: Die Mondscheinsonate in der mitte IsT Der HAMMER!!! Gerne mehr davon....

Alter.Combination&Die Klaviertöne in der Mitte...

wicked stuff, really nice and laid back

2007-12-19final version
a he-bitch with pussy?

Einfach nur GEIL!!! Vor allem Track 7 mit der Mondschein Sonate!
☆ Thanks ☆

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