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2016-01-01Mixotic 285Length: 75:59

Basskaya - DeepX Labelmix

Happy new year 2016! Basskaya gives the starting signal into the new year with a blasting deep tech set with tracks from the great DeepX label.

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01-psyCodEd - Chemtrails
DeepX 035
02-Hudozhnik - Foolish Train
DeepX 005.1
03-Alex Shnur - They (Max Pollyul Remix)
DeepX 092
04-Bet On - Night Vinyl 2.0
DeepX 149
05-Fcode - Axis
DeepX 115
06-Mudar Mahayni - In The Beginning
DeepX 322
07-DJ Zefir - Face Of Sound
DeepX 300
08-Whoon - Number One In Your Bag
DeepX 100
09-Mr Kaidzu - Mushrooms (Vlad Technique Remix)
DeepX 140
10-Faris - Kremlin
DeepX 349
11-Mudar Mahayni - Keep The Fuckin Music
DeepX 322
12-Lionel - Daarom
DeepX 026
13-AFTechno - Sackgasse
DeepX 100
14-Lennert Hal - Light Comes From A Dark Place
DeepX 239
15-BKMZ - Divo
DeepX 300

Basskaya: Basskaya was born in 1979 and spent the first 20 years of his life in northern Germany. After finishing school he moved to Denmark, where he has decided to stay.He started playing around with two crappy turntables in fall 1997 and since then never looked back. Together with a fellow DJ and friend he played a lot of gigs in northern Germany. In Denmark he played in Copenhagen and Odense as well. Back in the days relying almost solely on Drum & Bass from vinyl he later discovered his taste ... [read on]


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