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2007-12-09Mixotic 113Length: 72:20

Christoph Schindling - Weekender

Christoph Schindling is a German producer of electronic music with releases on several digital platforms. For Mixotic he assembled his favourite netlabel tracks into this dj set. It's a journey through calm beats and spheres, sometimes zoned out, sometimes straight forward, always with a wishful desire for happiness and love.

01-Anonym - Another Day At The Factory
Archipel 001
02-Gorje Hewek - That In It
Fragment 016
03-Emmerichk - Absonito
Yuki Yaki 006
04-Alvaro Ruiz - Safety Position 1
Filtro 007
05-Raganova - Grotto
Deep In Dub 002
06-Anonym - Unidentified Runner
Archipel 014
07-Modul - Mauna Interpretation
Fragment 015
08-Zofa - Still
Filtro 003
09-Teamore - Schneewehen
Deep In Dub 001
10-Audiocad - Ground Selector
Leibniz 001
11-Zofa - Angel Dark
Yuki Yaki 003
12-Sensual Physics - Garden Of Apples
Thinner 093
13-Transistor - Dusk
Filtro 010
14-Michael Renk - Snooze
Deep In Dub 007
15-Dafluke - Can't Wake Up
Archipel 006
16-Absolute Time - An Ocean Bed
Filtro 017

Christoph Schindling: Christoph Schindling was born in Wiesbaden (Germany) in the year 1980. At the age of 14 he heard about a new thing called "techno music" and he was very interested in this new stuff.Of course at this time he was too young to celebrate this new hype in clubs, but there was a radio show called "HR3 Clubnight" which he was listening to every Saturday night. Since 1995 he is producing his own sound using analog gear and digital tools. In 2007 he started to release his sound at several ... [read on]


2010-08-16Mel. G.

the Intro its a shit...

Gefällt :D

wunderschöner mix mit vielen tollen tracks und einem meiner lieblingsreleases (yuki yaki 006)
besten gruß

2008-01-17Dj JamV
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2007-12-28dj YENTILE PRADO

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Nice smootly deep goiing music, i can feel the frequency!!

2007-12-17Dj Morza
I love the mix.. is a very nice work.. i was born in 1980 too, and i produce my own music. So im playing in some bars already. congratulations bro. Good Luck

2007-12-15Christoph Schindling
Thank you for the comments and downloads so far !! that means something to me !! :-))

Very Nice!!! I like this mix allot!!!

Cool Mix !!!!!!!!!!

2007-12-14frank hellmond
geniale zusammenstellung! perfekt

one of the best mixes!
Thank you!

Super ;)

freket' n'gul!!!

Anfänglich find ich n bissl lahm und gewöhnungsbedürftig....
dann bekommter aber gute Fahrt...

very nice music :)

2007-12-09Deep Larson
Good Music & Mix!

Thanxx Chris.

Cheers :-)

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