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2008-05-04Mixotic 127Length: 65:07

Jemset - Stoned Wall

Jemset lets his deep-tech sounds melt directly into your brain. They start to circulate and flow there, then they are docking to your synapses to connect them in strange ways. The molecule structure is dissolved and reunited again, you just start to play your own mind games.

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Jemset: Born in 1982...Fanatic of Detroit sounds... Started really DJing at home in 2000...Discovered free music netlabels in 2007...Got a vision of a door to sound by this beautiful free music...Rooted in soul-jazz-hiphop-reggae forever...A to Z electronic explorer...Just loving music...


2008-07-17Juan Carlos
Nice sounds Jemset, one of the best mixes in the site in a while! Keep them coming.

Hello, Jemset ,super mix thanx!

1st track is already in tom larsons klšnge der nacht 2 .. love this track.. start listening to your set now..

2008-05-26Marc R
Very nice deep stuff...

Helps me clean the House right now. ;)

Thanks for it!

M in wit house, i evn dnt care which Dj is mixin as long as u play gud m gona groove wit ur music til 6 mak\'seni n d Dj dat hs realy made me dance lately it was Dj MEME 4rm BRAZIL n if any1 gt hs mixes pls pls pls send me it MY EMAIL IS zwesiW@yahoo.com BIG UP MIXOTIC I LYK UR STYLE KIP EM COMING N WE GONA B HERE 2 LISTEN 4 SUM MORE

◎ !!

thats what I like to hear!

MINDBLOWING...mixotic is rolling good!

2008-05-09Tom Larson

Good Mix!

Thanxx to the DJ.

2008-05-08billy w.
nice mix..nice tones..!

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