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2009-07-05Mixotic 179Length: 79:51

Pan-K's - I Love You

More than one year after his relaxed "Because It's Winter" set Pan K's is back with another mix. It starts quite chilled, gets some techy drive and will definately get your body into some move.

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Pan K's: Pan-K's was born in Krasnodar/Russia in 1988. He evinced his love to music in early age and started to collect old vinyls of 60's-70's bands, preferring British art-rock, German kraut and the very first punk music. In the age of 14 he decided to be engaged in music seriously and started to play drums. Acting in many bands, now he plays in MissAnn team, working out indie-rock, post-punk and indietronic music. From 2004 Pan-K's payed attention to electronic music and such genres as techno, IDM, ambient. Inspired by minimal techno, ... [read on]


2011-03-08Dj Nova Rodon FM 95
Very good mix... LOVE how it grows... mad with the track @ the end, didn't find on the website :(

Goooddddd sounds ;)........briliant

Not bad but... some tracks are way to long.

2009-07-10subflow webradio
Hi there !

EXCELLENT !!! excellent selection, excellent mood.
Tons of thanks !

=> soon streamed on subflow.net

(Deserve 256kbs quality, but Mixotic seems stingy with bandwidth and/or mp3 encoding )


Really good stuff, I enjoyed listening very much. Good transitions and nice danceable beats. Well done, thanks!

Wow, builds up slowly but gains speed and puts you into a mellow progressive state only to dribble your brain to a bouncy tech style then adds a dash of some dub into the mix; switches themes up a tad and winds down with a jazzy ambient track to conclude the mix.
pretty good :^]

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