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DJ Subpilot

Minimal, Techno

Stockholm (Sweden)

DJ-Set by this artist:

131: DJ Subpilot - Move Out

DJ Set: Punchy-Minimal-Robotic-Techno
Subpilot was born in Milan in 1978. When he was 8 he fell in love with the sounds coming out of his electric Bontempi toy organ, later on he got closer to electronic music by playing around with his MSX and, shortly after that, a glorious Amiga 500. At the age of 13 he discovered the joy of sampling (his own voice mainly) thanks to a 2-octaves Casio keyboard and got particularly excited about the frequency and amplitude modulation (not to mention the outstanding Fuzz FX).

Subpilot spent all his adolescence listening to dance music (house in particular) and collecting lots of mixtapes which should still be somewhere (covered with dust) in a drawer in his old room... At the same time he also started composing very questionable tracks using a Samplecell II and some Roland stuff which he never bothered sending to anyone (if his ego grows big enough he might even upload them on the Archive sooner or later, who knows...).

Later on he moved to Bologna where he kept on playing around with sequencer and synths. In those years he got into breakbeat and IDM, although his flirts with these obscure musical genres left him progressively unsatisfied and, gradually, he payed less and less attention to electronic music.

After moving to Amsterdam in 2002 he started enjoying the city's great clubbing scene and, a couple of years ago, he fell in love again with the four to the floor beat and, more specifically, with minimal techno. In 2006 he started DJing with Ableton Live, using tracks coming from both, netlabels and commercial labels. His style oscillates between dry, punchy minimal and robotic techno, occasionaly (but rarely) with melodic elements.

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