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Deep House, House, Minimal, Techno, Drumn'n'Bass, Chillout, Ambient

Berlin (Germany)

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241: Klartraum - Evolution

DJ Set: Lucid Spherical House

217: Klartraum - Integral Live

DJ Set: Lucid Deep Techno

182: Klartraum - Lucidflow

DJ Set: Lucid Deep Techno

109: Klartraum - Live in Berlin

Live Set: Techno, Tech-House
Screech is a born musician and started producing music on a C64 with Chris Hülsbeck’s "Soundmonitor". He totally fell in love with electronic sound and non-heard sound structures. Later he joined the Soundtracker scene on the Amiga Computer. But soon he switched to add synths to his equipment. He then used the Octalizer tracker to add midi to his tracks. The studio was growing over time and then he founded the Art Attack studio together with Dusty Wires and MC Chagall. In 1997 "Optophone", Berlin released the first three EPs.

Several releases later Screech started to join the first internet mp3 platform "mp3.com" with a project named "Supergroove Records". Coming from nowhere Supergroove Records shot to the top of the house charts on mp3.com since April 2000 and has remained at the top ever since then. Until the end of mp3.com in the year 2003 Supergroove Records got around 1.500.000 downloads and plays. Several tracks are licensed to other labels.

Screech moved to Berlin. Beside of several vinyl releases there where the first netaudio releases on Pulsar Records, Deep In Dub and Night Drive Music. He also played on several parties at Deep, Mädcheninternat, Raw Temple, Chaos Communication Camp and Mandarine Club. In cooperation with Nadja Lind he’s dreaming a dream of clear, emotional and deep music as the project "Klartraum".

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