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The Ascent

Techno, Tech-House, Electro

Emden (Germany)

DJ-Sets by this artist:

100: Mixotic Allstars - Twelve For One Hundred

DJ Set: Minimal, Tech-House, Electro

061: The Ascent - Unsigned

DJ Set: Techno, Electro, Rave
Producer, DJ and party host "The Ascent" was born on May 5th 1979 in the beautiful City of Emden in Northern Germany. In the mid of the 1990s he was infected by the techno virus while listening to one of the "Thunderdome" CDs. A little later he found himself at his first techno party in Hanover. Since then he was working and living for his musical "ascent". In 2001 the late bloomer from the coast bought his first set of turntables, in April 2002 the first gig followed in a small hall in East Frisia.

Continuously increasing his DJ skills "The Ascent" wanted more. He desired to produce his own stuff. Not long after he met the local heroes from Art Attack/Supergroove Records (Emden), he extended his equipment. In 2003 the first of six live acts with a changing team (singer, guitarist) followed. Since the summer of 2006 "The Ascent" is producing in his own studio in an old sweets factory in Emden. After some net releases his name finally appeared on several vinyl releases. As a DJ and producer his style ranges from minimal electro sounds, including tech-house to straight, pushing techno beats.

As a party host he also achieved a good reputation in the northern region of Germany. He organized parties such as "Devil's Impact" (Madison/Emden), "House of Elektro" (Nachtcafe/Emden) and the very successful "Spin Club" series (Sam's/Emden). As a DJ he played nearly 100 gigs all over northern Germany. He rocked the crowd with DJs such as Moguai, Murphy, Robert Natus or Rob Acid. Moreover, "The Ascent" is a regular guest at well-known party series such as "Powerhouse" (Papenburg/Burlage).

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