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Deep House, Dub-Tech

Ostwestfalen-Lippe (Germany)

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262: Stereotyp98 - Ohrbit

DJ Set: Progressive House, Deep House
Stereotyp 98 was born in 1980 in OWL Germany. He always had a great passion for music and started making his own sound round about 1998, beginning with turntables, mixer, vinyl and hip hop. While doing this, the development went more and more into other directions of electronic music, like breakbeats, triphop or drumíníbass. After mixing these genres on several smaller and bigger parties in different cities he concentrated more on producing own tracks. After many years of training and experimentation the evolution went in the direction of producing more minimal electronic music like deep house and dub-techno.

And that is what he does at the moment. Inspired by every kind of soulful, energetic, pumping, kicking and deep touching music from all kind of genres he wants to create his own sound based on the possibilities of house and techno. Surely inspired by great artists around the world, but always trying to create something new and different.

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