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Found House, Dub, Minimal Techno

Providence, RI (USA)

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197: Misterboots - Unfoundsound Unmix

DJ Set: Minimal, Tech-House
Misterboots was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1976, and grew up on the ocean in Rhode Island. His musical stylings have always been against the grain in grade school in the late 80's and early 90's, he listened to old school rap while the rest of the school was listening to classic rock.

In high school, his musical taste expanded greatly, developing a deep love for funk, reggae, experimental, cuban son, avantgarde jazz, silent film music, exotica, and much more all of which he played together in the same weekly FM radio show. Today, he still has a show on that same Rhode Island radio station with even more variety than back in the day.

He has been mixing and producing electronic music since 2006, with his main interest being electronic music created with field recordings and found sounds from our world. Much of his free time is spent arranging and piecing together sounds in his subterranean research laboratory, somewhere near the border of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Rare public DJ appearances include The famous G-Spot camp at Burning Man, and the occasional party at the Foley Rosewood basement bar, located just outside of Providence.

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