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Ralf Noetzel

Techno, Tech-House, Electro

Düsseldorf (Germany)

DJ-Sets by this artist:

267: Sandburgen - live@audiotool:con

DJ Set: Dub-Techno, Tech-House

084: Ralf Noetzel - Hirnstammgarten

Live Set: Techno, Electro, Detroit

037: Ralf Noetzel - Luftzieher

Live Set: Tech-House, Electro-Tech
Ralf Noetzel was born in 1972 near Cologne in Germany. After 10 years of classical guitar courses he discovered his ambitions in making noises, so he played in several independent bands mostly drums and guitars. When techno music came up he stopped making music for a while and enjoyed his live as a raver.

But it didn't take long to find out that he likes to be a creative part of the scene, so he started buying records to become a DJ. In 1996 he founded TINT records with his friends André Michelle and Der Rhythmusmann and released 3 records on "TINT" under the pseudonym Parkinson. Some other records followed under Parkinson and later Tom Bone at "Atomic Silence", "Neuropool", "Shot" and Olaf Noetzel's label "Convenience Rec". His last record releases were "Tom Bone – Return To Nothing" on Pinku Records and the double 12 inch at Shot Toolz "Tom Bone featuring Olaf Noetzel – Jel's Paradise".

As a DJ he played in the "Neuroserve" Bielefeld as one of the residents and later in the "10/40" in Leipzig. His last gig was in the Camouflage in Cologne before he stopped his career as a DJ in 2005. Then for a few years he was busy in producing music for customers of his company Ohrbits Musikdesign. So there were some techno sampling CDs like "Down in Progress" and "Sample Massiah" he was involved in.

After some years of creative lull the online music production workstation audiotool.com came up and Ralf rediscovered the passion to produce electronic music under the new pseudonym Sandburgen again. In 2011 he released his Vinyl e.p. "Sandorama" on the audiotool.com based label "a-records" which is also downloadable on "Beatport" and other platforms in a 9-track digital version including a great Datassette remix of the title track.

Some releases and interesting projects are planned for the near future. Keep your eyes open!

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